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Whether you’re importing or exporting, DTF Logistics has your shipping needs covered from port to port and door to door.

Why Use DTF Logistics

International Logistics has changed and become much more sophisticated in recent years, and the industry has been slow to keep up. DTF Logistics takes a new and modern approach to supply chain management. DTF truly understands the importance of partnerships and real-time data interface with so many entities throughout the entire chain of a door to door shipment transaction. While competitive shipping options are crucial, we understand that freight rate is only one component of cost reduction in the entire supply chain. Our analytics platform helps customers demystify and quantify the impact of inventory carrying cost reductions, by providing the tools necessary to make the best shipping decisions that meet needs from origin to destination. Here are just some of the benefits and services you get as a DTF Logistics partner:

Track and Trace

Ability to track and trace your shipments around the world in real time 24/7.

Quick Quotes

Get fast and accurate quotes so you can make a decision on your shipment quickly.

Document Management

Safely create, store and share documents across your team without email and fax.

Competitive Rates

Our long standing relationships with carriers around the world allow us to pass the savings on to you.

Notification Center

Get all your shipment related messages, alerts and updates in one secure place.

Custom Reports

Create customized reports quickly to share with your team and stakeholders.

Air Freight

From point A
to point B.

Through our deep relationships with airlines around the world we’re able to offer our clients competitive rates, unparalleled access to air capacity, innovative services and visibility throughout the shipment process. We work hard to ensure your supply chain logistics are sustainable, measurable and scalable.

Ocean Frieght

Real Time updates on your shipments across the globe.

DTF Logistics is an FMC licensed OTI/NVOCC (lic. #026381) that has built strong strategic partnerships with Ocean Carriers and LCL consolidators, providing our clients global access to virtually every vessel on the water, utilizing a state of art platform to manage all aspects of a door to door inventory transaction.

Trucking and Custom Brokerage

Ask about our full range of services.

Through strong partnerships with national drayage providers and long haul operators, DTF can dispatch, manage and provide real time track and trace on LTL and FTL moves from door to door.

Customs clearance is a complicated process.  Efficiently navigating these intricate formalities and regulations is a key component of the entire supply chain.  Delays can be costly in the form of financial penalties and unanticipated disruptions in the flow of inventory.   Our licensed customs brokers understand the importance of protecting the rights of shippers and consignees to conduct international commerce.

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